Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photographing the good tips

For those of us who are new to or fond of Art Photography is his hobby or perpetuate an interesting subject in the think of it, please note that there are some tricks or advice to photograph well, a goal that we are more Reliable and Professional in shooting techniques as well as in Art Photography. Below is a very important article to read, which is about a good trick in Shooting. Ok ... please read!


 Morning before Sunrise

 Cloud and Sky


Monas Park

1. Hold your camera firmly. If the retrieval is slower than 1 / 60 seconds, you have to establish itself by relying on things which are not moving.
2. Determine a center of attention and avoid a chaotic background.
3. Entering the second subject may make the photos more interesting.
4. Come closer. Arrange so that the subject is in front, do not let the subject be tucked in behind. Photos will be more interesting if the subject meets the frame.
5. Arrange your subjects to do something reasonable, rather than just looking at the camera.
6. Use an interesting foreground, such as Tree, Curves, or the Gate to frame your picture.
7. Take the scene in perspective by adding a few people. When taking a view far, the people in the foreground enhances the sharpness and size.
8. Do not always put the subject in middle position.
9. Test Your views are Horizontal and Vertical to see which method is best.
10. Use the line for the attraction and unity. Look for lines that are reasonable, such as road or rail, point eye to the center of attention. Vertical line is (strong) horizontal lines that (quiet), the diagonal line (dynamic).
11. Beware of the background. Prevent smelting subject and background. Remove the subject from a busy background. If not, open the lens to blur the background.
12. Note the Horizon line. Do not cut your image in the middle to put the horizon in the middle. Low horizon emphasized (breadth), whereas high Horizon interpret (the closure). Make sure that the flat horizon.
13. Give enough space to objects moving in the direction of motion.
14. Make sure that the color and brightness of the subject and background contrast.
15. The subject goods have to tread more brightly than anything else, because the eye will be drawn towards the bright targets.
16. Photographing Art To Science, use lens-focus distance slightly longer than usual to overcome the distortions that interfere with the subject in focus distance close.
17. Do not cut off the hands or feet because of poor regulation.
18. You grow closer to your subject, visible something bigger body parts. If you wish to obtain a large and visible hand head looks small and see how the faces appear in the search target.
19. The eyes are the focus of the face. Therefore,focus on the eye.
20. -color negative film would be better if illuminated somewhat excessive. Color reversal film is better if a little less exposed.
21. Avoid shiny reflections by placing the camera at an angle to shiny surfaces, such as windows or glasses.
22. When using the flash is already installed, so keep the subject away from the wall, or you'll get strong shadows on one side of the subject.
23. At the bright sun, take your subject in the shadow of the open, so people will look nicer.
24. Remember always to the point of shooting. Photographing from a low angle will provide a quiet background sky.

Thank you and hopefully this article Work for You.

Good luck!